Just what astral travel Is it real Imaginary The byproduct of an overactive imagination or a genuine spiritual experience If you are anything like I once was, the simple facts are that you are probably pretty skeptical that any kind of this stuff could be true, right I mean, the idea that your soul or spirit will be able to LEAVE your body at will is pretty far fetched, even for those sufferers who DO believe how the “soul” is real. Will be astral travel, anyway What does it mean Good enquire about! It’s commonly thought of an INTENTIONAL exercise of allowing your etheric, or “spirit” body to separate or split from your physical self, allowing your TRUE self to explore and adventure through the astral mind spaces.

Sound confusing The proper way to explain astral projection is that your Brain is not inside of your brain, but rather..can project, and have experiences going at a great distance from your physical form. Is astral projection and astral travel different ideas, or are they really the same thing From my perspective, they would be exact same thing. Astralreisen ” will get hung up on the language of describing an experience, could use one or the opposite to refer to specific styles of events.

For simplicity sake, are now able to I think “names” are usually nonsense, I call any willful experience that involves the separation of mind and spirit from body, and involves exploring locales NOT proximal to where you are, astral travel. Have you considered Out of Body Experiences Are they the same thing as well Similar. And many scientists refer to each one of these these experiences interchangeably. In my experience though, an OBE is usually short, NOT intentional, and is especially often not so adventurous at all. often encounter lasts mere moments.and

you only really “travel” to an elevated position in the room the are OBE’s are often more related to danger, trauma or even near death experiences. about % of people who die and are resuscitated will report a traditional NDE, which usually involves some element of being regarding your the body and observing what is happening Main secret to having an astral projection experience Strangely it’s BELIEF. Having an objective balance. Believing that all in the stuff is possible, opening your mind, and being receptive that you tend to be than a physical body, and have a spiritual, eternal component..whatever